Headshot - Kathleen

Kathleen is the visionary leader of Business Analysis. She founded International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in 2003 and led the professional association until August 2013. In her care IIBA grew from a 37 member volunteer-run organization in Toronto to a global association with 29 staff supporting over 26,000 members in 120 countries, and over $5 million in revenue. IIBA presented unique challenges. Developing a robust operational processes and a culture of innovation and thought leadership while supporting six distinct and interdependent lines of business was hard. Doing this over the internet – with no physical office – was much harder. Kathleen had to “think different” about management to engage staff and volunteers to invent new ways to support a virtual company. She is currently writing a book about how to create, run, and sustain a virtual organization.

Kathleen is a noted keynote speaker and instructor and has presented at conferences all over the world on the evolution and future of business analysis, developing your staff and organizational capability, and creating and sustaining virtual organizations.

Kathleen has worked with hundreds of companies throughout her career as a consultant and leader in the business analysis field. She has also worked in the financial services industry managing the offshore software development area and as a product manager for a large telecommunications company.

In March 2014 Julian Sammy and Kathleen Barret co-founded MicroMarketplace, to get on-demand expert advice to managers, one hour at a time.